Air Duct Replacement

Sometimes your air duct system is just too damaged or worn out to be cleaned. This might occur because of damage by animals, flood, fire, or rust. Occasionally we find duct work that has just aged and is coming apart due to the heat and cold in the crawl space.

Attic Control can perform air duct repair or air duct replacement, depending on how damaged or worn out your duct work is. We use only the best material available and make sure that we are in compliance with any city or county building codes.

Aging duct systems are vulnerable to a number of issues that decrease comfort and efficiency. Old ducts may have disconnected joints, fallen sections, and other problems that allow your conditioned air to escape the system, never reaching the indoor spaces it was intended to cool. Your conditioned air is wasted, and your heating and cooling systems must do extra work to maintain temperatures indoors, which lowers the efficiency of the unit’s operation. Openings in the duct system not only let air out, they let contaminants in, negatively affecting your indoor air quality.

Air Duct Care