Denim Batt Insulation

One of the latest Green Products is recycled denim. This product is recycled blue jean trimmings from industrial manufacture of the clothing. This eco-friendly insulation is a zero-waste product since it requires very little energy to make and uses materials that were likely headed for a landfill. It also contains a borate fire retardant which also deters some insects and pests. Denim insulation is formaldehyde free, which is a huge plus. Since formaldehyde is a toxic gas, capable of causing respiratory and other health problems, including cancer, the less exposure you have to it, the better off you'll be.

FiberGlass Insulation

Fiber glass is the most economical product on the market. Blown-in loose fill, fiber glass insulation provides exceptional thermal performance and energy efficiency. With fiber glass insulation, your building will better retain the desired temperature of the surrounding space. FiberGlass insulation helps homes stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter and will reduce monthly heating and cooling costs for the life of the home.

Batt Insulation

Batts are pre-cut sections of fiberglass or rock wool insulation that are designed for easy handling and use between framing, such as studs and joists.  Batts are available either with or without paper or aluminum foil facing.  They can be used in floors, walls, attics and ceilings.

Insulation Installation

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Blown In Insulation Contractor - Attic Control

What To Insulate in the Attic

What you insulate depends on the type of attic you have. If your attic is unfinished and used only for storage, you want to insulate the attic floor so that warm air is trapped below stairs, in those rooms you actually inhabit. If your attic is finished, you want to insulate above these finished spaces.

If your attic has existing insulation, you still need Attic Control, Inc. to come out and take a look because, if it's been there for years, chances are it has compressed and is not as effective as it once was, or as it could be. Also, upgrading is sure to improve energy efficiency.

It is also important that your attic is properly ventilated to allow air to circulate through the space.  We at Attic Control, Inc. have the perfect solution for that as well.

Call us today, and an Attic Control, Inc. professional will gladly come out to assess your home and provide you with a free detailed recommendation as to your needs and possible cost effective energy efficiency upgrades that may serve you well.

Cellulose Insulation

Cellulose insulation, also known as Blown-In Insulation, is a green-friendly alternative made of 85% post-consumer recycled newsprint and 15% fire retardant which can be sprayed or blown in place. It proves to offer a thermally efficient solution that's easy on the wallet , and on the environment. It also is a great choice for sound insulating.

Typically used in older homes and buildings due to ease of installation.

What Kind of Insulation

There are several types of insulation.  Attic Control, Inc. will assess what best meets your efficiency goals. We use blown-in cellulose insulation and batt insulation. There are also “R” values which refers to the “resistance to heat flow” that range for 19 to 60.  The greater the R-value, the better the insulation capabilities.

We recommend you consult with an expert for installing insulation. Handling fiberglass improperly can cause critical health problems. Here are a few pointers on the different types of insulation that you may consider. 

Is Insulation Installation Right For Me?

As everyone knows, heat definitely rises. It’s even more evident in two-story dwellings in summer where downstairs always appears to be a lot cooler than upstairs.  Or, even still, when the lower part of your house is warm and toasty because your heating system is going strong, the warm air is floating up, up and away, into the attic and out the roof. That’s your hard earned money floating to infinity.

Experts agree that the attic is arguably the greatest single heat loser in the home or business. This is why proper attic insulation and wall insulation is so important when it comes to saving you money. So, how do you prevent this from happening to you?  The only way to prevent this is to properly insulate your home or business with an experienced licensed insulation contractor such as Attic Control, Inc.

What Are The Benefits of Insulation?

It's simple, proper attic insulation can save you a ton of money! 

Energy conservation has become a major topic in our everyday lives. 

The value of energy efficiency is obvious: it saves homeowners money on energy bills and reduces power plant CO2 emissions to lower carbon footprints.

Energy efficiency is also becoming increasingly important to homeowners. However, there’s generally a disconnect between the energy-efficient features most frequently being offered and those that matter most to “homebuyers”. In research by the National Association of Realtors, they have found that homeowners consider “very important” in environmentally friendly homes: 36% home heating and cooling costs and 23% energy efficient appliances.  So by far the benefits of good home insulation installation or business insulation installation are savings on energy cost, cooler home in summers, retains the heat in winters, noise reduction and it promotes a healthier home. Insulation is also a part of a whole-home approach to managing moisture and preventing mold.

What Are the Savings?

How much money you will save depends on many factors such as your family's habits, the kind of house you own, how tight the windows and doors are (proper sealing), and what kind of heating system you have.

In general, estimates are that consumers save between 30 and 50 percent when they properly insulate.

The North American Insulation Manufacturer's Association claims that as a nation, we have insulated well enough in recent years to save $84 billion dollars a year. This means average homeowners avoid approximately $74 billion dollars in energy costs every year, or about $780 per household.

Even the impact from installing Energy Star windows is limited if the rest of the home isn’t air tight and well insulated. Insulation is a simple, cost-effective feature to have in your home or business.

Insulation Can Promote a Healthy Home

Homeowners are becoming more health conscious every day and are growing in large numbers with public focus on promoting general well-being beyond simple health.

Statistics show that asthma rates alone have increased. Allergies are a bigger problem than before and homeowners are aware that their home environment can contribute to their health and wellness–or take away from it.

Whether building from the ground up or planning for a major remodeling, home owners want to be given confidence that their new home or remodel was built with products that are safe for their families and keep harmful pollutants, allergens, and chemicals out. While no insulation product alone can ensure a healthy home, proper insulation and air sealing are critical components to creating a healthier home or environment.