Removing Old Insulation

Insulation removal is recommended when there are signs of contaminated insulation due to rodent feces and urine, bird poop or any other pest that has chosen to make your attic their home. Removing old insulation is also recommended when there has been fire damage or water damage as well. We have found that often times, it is not necessary to remove all of the existing insulation. We at Attic Control will assess your attics condition and advise you accordingly.

To remove blown insulation, a high-powered vacuum is required. We use HEPA Filter insulation removal vacuums to avoid contaminating your home with dirty insulation particles. Because blown in insulation is so loose, it can sometimes be hard to retain. Small particles and bacteria from contaminated blown insulation can lead to severe respiratory issues, which is why you should leave this up to the professionals. We properly apply a work barrier around your home to avoid cross contamination. Our job is to protect you and ensure the most high quality work to certify the utmost safety for your home and your family.

Before we begin our insulation removal process, we carefully use plastic drapery to tape off your home from the dust and debris that has accumulated in your attic over the years. Attics have a tendency to get quite dusty and houses quite a bit of insect build-up through time. Once we have secured your home, we then hand-remove any fiberglass rolls and pack them in large bags and remove them from your attic.

If your attic has blown-in material, we utilize a HEPA filtered vacuum to remove the debris. The vacuum is kept outside of your home and we are very careful to ensure no contaminants are released in your home. This is not a DIY project because mishandling of contaminated material, or the possibility of breathing in the contaminated particles, can lead to serious health issues.

Vacuuming and removal is a very labor-intensive and requires special handling of the contaminated material, that is why our professionals always uses protective wear to ensure safe removal of your old insulation. Attic Control also discards all debris at a dumpsite for you as well.

Once your attic space is clear of all debris and contaminated insulation, we then proceed with our attic cleaning and decontamination process.

The cost for this service is dependent upon the square foot of the attic space.

Removing Blown Insulation

  • High powered vacuum (HEPA filter vacuum)

What is The Insulation Removal Process Like?

  • Plastic drapery
  • HEPA filter vacuum to remove debris
  • Hand remove batt insulation and disposal
  • Dispose of waste at a dump site

When Is Removing Insulation Necessary?

  • Contamination (Rodent feces/urine, bird droppings)
  • Fire or water damage
  • Insulation is old/ thin and is not providing your home with proper insulation