Are There Rats in Your Attic?

Rodents, rats in particular, naturally look for a safe place to stay and reproduce. Rodents will often try to find a small hole or entry point leading into your attic when looking for shelter. In order to eliminate rodent activity and to guarantee rodents cannot return into your attic, it is crucial that all entry points be permanently sealed.

Crawlspaces and attics can be a hiding place for squirrels, birds, bats and other pests, but only when there is a way for them to get in. Before rodent proofing your attic, we complete a thorough inspection to identify any entry points. We seal all entry points using a professional grade sealant and steel mesh. Our technician will seal any cracks or gaps to ensure pesky critters cannot regain access to your home.

rats in the attic

Why You Should Rodent Proof Your Home

  • Poison Can Be Dangerous To Your Family! Poisoning these pesky critters actually can do more bad than good. It can put your family and pets in great danger. And not to mention when the rodents die they can leave an awful smell in your home.
  • Traps Alone Are Only Temporary. Yes, traps may temporarily solve your pest issue, but this is only one part of the solution. Entry points must be sealed in order to prevent new rodents from finding their way into your attic or crawlspace.
  • Rats Harbor Disease.  Rat feces can carry many dangerous viruses and bacteria that can be extremely harmful to you and your family. Our technicians are properly trained on how to remove and dispose of contaminated material.
  • Entry Points Can Be Difficult To Locate. Rodents can squeeze their bodies through some of the smallest holes and spaces (as small as a bottle cap!). Small holes and openings can be found in your roof, your crawlspace and inside of your attic space. We are trained to locate the various secluded entry points and properly seal them.
  • Risk For Electrical System Damage. Rats can cost you tons of money in electrical damage due to their love to chew on just about everything. We suggest taking a proactive stance and addressing the problem before it costs you more money.

Signs Of  Rats In Your Attic

  • Finding signs of chewing or holes
  • Vermin feces or urine in your attic
  • Rodent nesting materials in your attic
  • sounds coming from your attic

If you have any of these problems coming from your attic you most likely have a rodent problem. These traces are the most common signs and it is important to watch out for them, this means the rodents have made your attic into their new home, they have chewed holes for easier access to freely come in and out of your attic also bringing in nesting supplies to make the attic more comfortable to their liking. This can be a real headache but with our help we can give you back control of your attic space, ruling out the probability of them coming back again!